Roping cows

Had a screaming headache from working in the yard in the morning. My cowboy says “I got a cow I need a little help with, come with me you won’t need to do any roping (where have I heard that before) probably don’t even need a horse (sure)”. I tell him “I’ll just take one anyway (poor Pic was handiest, he’s looking old and thin)”.

So off we go, found the foot rot cow right where he’d seen her and good thing Pic and I were there. It’s so much faster with two of us than wrapping them up. That’s how one guy manages a big cow, rope her head then ride round and round her keeping the rope above her hocks and finally pulling it all tight and down she goes, tied up in a pretty little package (in theory, in reality it’s not quite so pretty).

As I was sitting there with Pic and I holding her hind legs while she got her medicine I realized Boone is too little for work like this. Sure most of our work is treating calves now that they are giving Fusaguard to the bulls for foot rot. But there are still always some cows to treat.

What was I thinking? I know I need a big horse. Not that Boone isn’t wonderful.



4 responses to “Roping cows

  1. Famous last words on our place. ” It’ll just take a minute” and “You don’t need your horse” (you can run instead). Enjoyed . Terah

  2. Hope you’re feeling better. ♥
    Have a blessed weekend!

  3. You will just have to make friends with Bo when he comes home. He should be able to hold anything! He will do anything for horse cookies 🙂

  4. Well we will just have to find you another Pic, no easy task I bet! Hope the headache is gone

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