Same Old, Same Old

Same old, same old, just checking cows, treating calves. We’re starting to see some dust pneumonia now that the grass is drying off, just here and there, not too many, and a few foot-rot cows.

The only excitement today was a bull that had gone bush on us us got caught with his pants down too close to the corrals at the south camp without any brush to hide him and we just tucked him right in. His owner picked him up tonight and soon he’ll be an Oscar Myer Wiener. Yay!


3 responses to “Same Old, Same Old

  1. Sorry bout your luck Bully! LOL I shouldn’t be that way but I am having a badish week with bulls, or at least 1 bull, now that he is one the mend he is better, but the rotter had me hopping for a few days

  2. Haha.
    Glad to hear things are progressing smoothly.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. We had a couple with foot rot we (Neil) had to treat, but no pnemonia yet, we still seem a little wet enough. Good news about the bull too!!!

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