Gift Horse

Not too many times folks give you free horses. Hard to turn down when they are sound, started, and straight.

I was reminded of the saying about not looking gift horses in the mouth or in our case under the tail. We don’t buy mares but I guess if they are free it doesn’t really matter?

She’s sweet, friendly, not a pretty face, 16.1 HH at two years old and I like her so we’ll see how it all turns out.


8 responses to “Gift Horse

  1. a mare???? wow that is sure unexpected! Hope she works out for you though.

  2. Lucky you!!! Wish I had a gift horse. Why don’t you like mares? They get cranky ? May the both of you have many happy hours in the saddle!

  3. Nothing wrong with mares! That’s one strappin’ girl, she looks like she has a whole bunch of Thoroughbred blood. What a hip!

    • She’s off the quarter horse track, Easy Jet running blood. Too slow with a speed index of 89 but I didn’t think she had been hardened up much. I bet she can fly when she gets muscled up.
      ” If a man tells you he’s seen a horse fly, ask him what color it was and if he says chestnut, believe him” (I learned that saying when I was kid).

  4. Actually I think she isn’t bad looking at all. Especially since she is at that akward teenage age. I suspect that she will grow right into that long head. She seems to have a nice balance to her, and she is straight. I have known some great mares. The only problem I have with them is not them, themselves, but how the boys react to having them around. I have a very sweet little mare, that was given to me. She is so soft and easy and eager to please, where as my gelding is stubborn and hard. I think you did pretty good for a free horse! And who knows, you may be just the person she needed to become the great horse that she is meant to be!

  5. She is nice, and well put up, and you do have to love the price! I sure hope she works out for you

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