Horse Games

Trouper was having fun playing a little game with my cowboy today, just on the way home. He swung his tail up high to his right then my cowboy caught it, held it for a minute, and let it go. Cause I was riding behind I noticed him swinging it up real high and only on that same side a few times, it seemed odd till I caught on and said, “II think he wants you to catch it again”. Sure enough, then all the way back to the trailer when my cowboy caught and released his trail he would swing it up again. It got so when my cowboy missed catching it Trouper would try to swing it higher the next time. I was riding behind and watched the whole thing.


It reminded me of another little grey horse and a game I played with him. Doc was one of 15 horses the Reiner I cleaned stalls for (in exchange for lessons) was training (12 of them were stallions).

I would halter each of the horses and take them out to another area while I picked their stall. When I first tried to halter Doc he grabbed the halter with his teeth. I was a little worried at first that maybe he was trying to bite (not good with a stallion). I made a little fuss and told him he better not be trying anything foolish.

But the next try, he did the same thing. I tried pulling it out of his mouth but he just held onto it. I could see it wasn’t me he was trying to bite he just wanted to grab and hold onto the halter. I made a a fuss and pulled and coaxed and I almost thought I could see a little gleam in his eye.

After that it became our personal little game. I did tell the boss and said I wouldn’t do it if she thought it might cause a problem. But she, in her wisdom, said it would be alright. All the stallions there were young horses and almost all were stalled and kept separate from the other horses. She didn’t mind Doc having a little innocent fun.

I came to really love that grey horse and our game like I love Trouper and his little horse games (games that the horse makes up. Who knew?)


5 responses to “Horse Games

  1. That is really interesting. Don’t think of horses as playing games like that.
    Have a wonderful week!

  2. That’s cute! Beamer’s little game is every time I go to halter him, he yawns.

  3. Johnnie likes to hold his bit, an egg butt snaffle just holds the joint of it as I take it off , till he is ready to let go , funny little character treats. Its os nice to when folks take the time to play their little harmless games

  4. Too funny! I can just picture that tail game.

  5. That’s lovely when they trust us enough to invite us into their games . . .

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