“If you want to feel rich count the things you have that money can’t buy. ”

Yes you can buy the horse but you can’t buy how he feels about you.

Trouper, I’m not sure I told this story. We sat at a horse sale in Pincher Creek a dozen years ago and my cowboy leans over and says to me: “If you let me buy that little grey horse, I’ll never shave my head again. ” At the time I was pretty cranky about his bald head, some crazy idea he had about not liking his hair being so grey. I agreed in a heartbeat.

We got him home and found out he was going to take some careful handling but my goodness he was a worker and we often still call him Super Trouper. If a cow could climb a tree I have no doubt at all that Trouper would follow it right up there or down a rabbit hole. I watched my cowboy ride him in places and at speeds that made my heart almost stop. I’ve marveled how he would accept a saddle on a cold wet back and go out in a blizzard to save a freezing calf or stand his ground and take a hit from a charging cow or patiently pack around a green rider.

But don’t swear when you ride him, or be rude to him. He’ll do anything you ask if you’re not a jerk; if you are, you won’t be riding him long. I sometimes call him Grumpy but he’s not really. He just insists on being treated fair.

We don’t have the relationship my cowboy has with his Buddy horse but we’re friends. His friendship makes me feel rich.


4 responses to “Rich

  1. Absolutely.
    Have a blessed Sunday. ♥

  2. That is a great story and you are right, you can’t buy that.
    I’ve been told that my relationship with my Paint, Trax is like that. In fact that exact same analagy was used when describing us “up a telephone pole and down a rabbit hole” is where I would ride my horse, and he will go without question.
    The beauty of stories like this is not only how lucky we are to have found these horses, but how lucky they are to have found the right owner.
    Thanks for sharing it with us

  3. Sometimes we are blessed to have truly great horses in our lives. Sounds like Trouper is one of them.

  4. You’re fortunate to have found him – he sounds a gem.

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