Horse Haulers

We picked up the two horses our daughter sent back home from Ontario with this outfit Foothills Ranch

Heartbreaking. The kind big old horse, Bo, was a pitiful site. His legs were all swollen.

20121008-150711.jpghe was all ganted up,

had a big sore on his bum,

and his halter had injured his nose.

The other horse was coughing and had big gobs of nasal discharge.

What the . . .
I was so glad to get these poor horses away from those people.

6 responses to “Horse Haulers

  1. What a mess! glad you named names I would never hire them, the folks that brought Classy back a couple years ago took their time and I was unable to reach them,they were almost a full day late, but she was in excellent condition fed watered and looking well .DOn’t mind that they took the long way if they did it right!

  2. I have to say I’d cut them slack on the stocked up legs, some horses stock up pretty easily. I’d even cut them slack on the runny nose, if they had a full load someone else’s horse that may have SEEMED healthy might have had a cold or something.
    But that big wound on Bo’s behind? WTH?

  3. Hi CC, This is terrible. Poor horses. What the heck happened to them?~AMes

  4. Poor babies! Glad they are safe with you now.

  5. That’s nasty! Poor horse! Definitely would not hire them! What do you think caused the sore?

    • He was leaning back and rubbed it on the edge of the back side window. I’m wondering if they walked him around at all when they offloaded them or if they were offloaded often enough or maybe even at all. The halter dug into his nose when he was leaning back too. We thought maybe he had sore front feet because of improper trimming but he is moving around now with no problem.

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