A Little Cowgirl

I spent part of day thinking about my childhood. I didn’t grow up on a ranch or even own a horse but I grew up a cowgirl. My hero was Roy Rogers, I slept with a plastic horse named Trigger instead of a Teddybear, and my favorite song was a Wilf Carter tune: I Want to be a Cowgirl’s Sweetheart.


I almost always wore boots, rodeo weekend was the highlight of my year, and I reverenced native grass even as a six year old.

I’m consider myself an awfully lucky ol cowgirl to have grown up to be and do what I wanted to be and do when I was a little cowgirl.


5 responses to “A Little Cowgirl

  1. Always nice to grow up and be what you always wanted to be! Nice outfit too!

  2. We don’t all get to live our childhood dreams; I got part of mine. The black stallion part.

  3. God has definitely blessed you all. Have a wonderful Thursday. ♥

  4. You are fortunate indeed, to have been able to live your dream.

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