So Far, So Good

Not a bad morning, considering . . . considering I was up at 5:00, riding by 7:00, considering it was snowing and minus 15 Celsius (59 F really that’s not too bad).

Cows were happy to be going home so they gave us no trouble, not even one, which I think is a first since I’ve been here, at least.

I left the men to do the rest of the work on foot and got to bring our two horses home and warm up, although I wasn’t actually cold, well, just my fingers were, in spite gloves inside of mittens.

I had to drive back the long way around on the pavement cause the road we usually take was plugged with snow.

It seems kind of crazy but we couldn’t really change the date since some of the members already had their calves booked into the sale. Tomorrow, just the two of us will move the last 2 big herds into the take out field, do a cleanup check on Monday and then Tues they will go home.

Then it’s 40,000 acres of cold and empty till spring next year.


6 responses to “So Far, So Good

  1. would have been there, if I didn’t have the wedding to shoot. Hope Kaliah was a good help though

  2. Brrr, glad everything went good!

  3. Glad all went well, I am sorry I cant help 😦

  4. Almost done! Glad it went smooth, even if the weather is not so nice.

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