Full Moon and Coyote

It was dark by the time I dismounted at the gate after attempting (heavy on the ATTEMPTING) to move cows. Such a sickening waste of time, I’m sure because we were working on Sunday. It could have been an exceptionally nice day but instead it was a disaster.

Some days (today) I hate my boss, I don’t even like my husband, and I pretty much think my best friend is an idiot too (you know they are all the same guy, right?)

The moon was full and there was a half eaten dead cow and calf by the gate. I sat down on the snow and sulked with tired old Blue curled up on my lap. Gus was over checking out the dead cow when I saw Blue’s ears perk up and he was staring. I’ve see that look lots of times and I knew without turning around it was a coyote that he was watching.

I carefully called Gus to me. He hadn’t seen it yet. He came and I held both dogs curled up on my lap and told them stay. Blue knew he was too old and tired to fight and I think he was glad I told him “Stay with me.”

Pic was standing over us and the coyote couldn’t have missed the horse but he didn’t see us. I growled: “Get outta here.” and the coyote looked up so shocked. It was respectful enough to move off, thank heavens. And it wasn’t much after that the trailer came to pick us up.

As I thought about it on the way home I wondered if that coyote will be happily howling at the moon tonight with a full belly. A good day for him, not so good for me.



5 responses to “Full Moon and Coyote

  1. One of those moments you’ll remember for a long time.

  2. I know how you feel, some days you wish you never got out of bed!

  3. Oh no! that does not sound good. I agree working on Sunday is ussually a bad sign, but we seemed to have good luck today.

  4. Glad the dogs listened, the coyote was in his right mind, and your all safe!

  5. Circle of life , but too bad about the cow and calf, hope tomorrow is a better day

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