Yup, just plain pooped tonight. And some cows got forgotten (not by me) yesterday which is really annoying and drags take out through tomorrow.

Because of the wreck on Sunday and me being so cranky about it, my cowboy got someone else to help him. Not a good idea, obviously. Between the two of them in that field they left more than 40 head back. So there was a bunch of upset members missing cows. Sheesh!

It was an all round miserable day and most everyone was crabby. One of the members took another’s members cattle prod and threw it away, over a fence which makes me kind of laugh.

I tried to get a picture of the crazy hats a couple of the youngsters that helped round up were wearing. The bravery of youth 🙂

I’m not quite so brave, but I’m all for warm.

It was a foggy drive to the south camp, (always stressfully). I drove the horses around on the pavement again while my cowboy managed to get through the lease in another truck. It helps if he goes that way to set up the gates.

The humid cold chilled right through to my bones the five hours I was a horseback. The sun shone for about an hour and then the cold fog drifted back in where I was. I thought: Yay! And then: Dang!

Days get so short this time of year that I can see why they want to start early.

I held up at the gate just in case of some kind of wreck while everyone else went out for a second draw. I was awestruck watching the better part of 2000 head go through the gate into the trap. It was a privilege I don’t think too may people ever get.

It was a little iffy fitting that many into the corrals all at once. I was sure glad for the help. I really like this fellow I rode beside. Nobody, not even him looked much like a cowboy today. We all swallowed our pride to be warm.

And then someone said there was still a Gelveigh cow (of course) out. Somebody complained about her and my cowboy said: “Welcome to our world.” If only they knew what we have had to put up with those awful cows. Someone suggested they needed to be chased till their tongues hung out and I said I’d been doing that for the last 7 years and I didn’t think it had helped much. Golly!

So I spent a couple of hours trying to find her. Not a sign but my cowboy found her when he drove home through the lease. She’ll go with those 40 that got left back in that other field tomorrow. So now you know why I’m complaining about being so pooped.


One response to “Pooped

  1. That is a long day. Bet you were happy to get home- and hope you got a good sleep! Dang! that’s a lot of cows!

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