Something has been bothering me and I need to get it off my chest. It’s about the day of takeout. One incident keeps coming up like heartburn does and just kind of burns inside me.

A calf got separated from his momma and in his confusion gave everyone quite the run around being chased through various fences by more than enough overly enthusiastic once a year cowboys.

He eventually slowed down and was roped and tied till a trailer was brought out to load him up and take him back to the corrals.

One of the young fellows (that I have had a problem with before) took his heel and stepped on the calf’s nose, hard. I didn’t quite get what he was doing till he did it again and made the poor calf bawl. Then he said: “serves you right!” I told the young fellow that wasn’t right, that the calf was just trying to save his (meaning his own) life.

Some people just don’t get it. This young fellow who is a purebred Simmental breeder should know better. I wish I had told him meanness never pays, not meanness to man nor meanness to animals. We would all do well to remember “There is no greater wisdom than kindness.”

Cattle are just cattle. They get confused and do what seems to us like stupid things and may cause us a lot of frustration and extra work but . . . no where does it give us justification to be mean spirited.

That young fellow didn’t do that calf any favours by embedding in that poor animals mind fear and loathing for mankind nor did he do himself any favors.

I may never look at that him again and not think of that defining moment. At least it would take a lot of witnessing him being kind to bury it till I didn’t remember it again. I can’t speak for the others there who saw that and how they felt but I was glad I said something. I just wish it had been more.



13 responses to “Meaness/Kindness

  1. I sure know where you are coming from. People just don’t get it that animals are not humans and they don’t know wrong from right when it comes to their safety!

  2. Ya that is unnecessary, it always makes me think that people who are mean to animals cant be nice to other people either given the chance. And especially being a calf, it don’t know any better.

  3. Oh my goodness! I can’t believe some people. That calf thinks completely different than us, I am sure if the animals could tell us exactly what they want or need they would. I am sorry that you had to deal with a man that isn’t a gentle cattle man.

  4. You were right to speak up, and yes, more people should have.
    *hugs* ♥

  5. I’d just tell the young fella that his help wasn’t needed any more and make sure he wasn’t part of any of the gathers.

  6. I’m glad you spoke up for the calf. Some people are mean to animals, thinking it makes them macho or something. It doesn’t. It makes them look small and mean. Bullies. Picking on the weak is the worst.

  7. People who deliberately hurt an animal have something wrong with them, and they often are the sort of people who hurt other people, particularly those who are helpless or smaller – children and women. Someone needs to give that guy a good talking to.

  8. That is never ok, I get frustrated when they don’t do what I think they should, but if I take a good look its usually my problem not theirs. Ya done good, people don’t realize that small little thing defines their character.

  9. I am so glad you said something!!! Some folks never learn the simple fact that IT IS NOT PERSONAL!! Cattle , horses dogs , whatever do not do things specifically to make you angry or work harder , they act out of fear or confusion, and sometimes even cattle do what we tell them to even what we tell them is not what we really want! they respond to stimuli and act based on their perceptions .I have been there ,so mad at a calf I thought my hair would burst into flames, but hitting/hurting it was not going to make the situation a lick better so I hit a wall and broke my thumb (that, my dear friends is natural consequences at its best!LOL)I have stepped in front of a man hitting a horse with a fishing pole in a total rage. I my not be as tall as I think I am , but it stopped him, and I would do it again

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