End of an Era

Well, I’m not sure how to say this but it is coming to the end of an era for this old cowgirl. We’re moving on. The politics have made things too miserable and I know it’s the right decision, although a tough one.

It’s not from lack of working hard or doing the best we could at what we love. Still no matter how hard you try, you’ll never please everyone or maybe even most ones. I’m not sure what the deal was here. But I know what we did for them and it has been good. We leave everything better than we found it when it comes to improvements in trailer, fences, grass, and even cows. I do regret not getting one corral gate fixed that a bull broke off right in the middle. Now it will be too hard in the snow and cold now to get it done before we go.

There was one young stir-the-pot that had quite the mad-on, the one I mentioned in the post about cruelly stepping on the calf’s nose, that I know will be glad when we are out of here, a few other dubious characters that think they will  have a lot easier picking without our eagle eyes, and the kids that terrorize the cows with dirt bikes and quads that we have caught, maybe even the antelope hunters that shoot through the cows and us.

Guys that want the job will be happy. I wish them the best cause they are cowboys like us (hopefully) and not just a relative or friend of someone who thinks they would like to be. Just a little advise: it’s a tough one and from what I’ve seen, impossible for one man, although that is all the board is willing to pay for. Bring a good wife.

I think who ever else is glad didn’t know enough to know about cows or grass or running a big herd to realize how good they had it, but they will find out. I’m pretty sure I heard the last place we last worked had to double up on help to replace us.  It’s all good. People do get what they deserve in the end and it doesn’t have to be because of anything I did. I’ll leave that all in God’s hands and know he’ll do it right.

I get to move on to better things.

We sent out a couple of resumes and the same day had 3 emails from one of the places that I would really like to work, a good ranch in cowboy country. They seem almost as excited as me but we’ll have to wait and see. I sure would appreciate a little Kneemail on our behalf if you’re so inclined.

So it’s the end of one era and the beginning of another. Hopefully it will be a good one and involve grass, cows, and good folks.

PS: Got news from my cowboy’s doctor today that he’s so healthy that for him to die anytime soon he’ll have to get shot. That made me smile, kind of.

17 responses to “End of an Era

  1. Good luck my cowgirl friend. Keep blogging. Good things are coming. terah

  2. Looking forward to new stories in a new place. Best wishes for your new job/home 🙂

  3. I’m saddened about this news…but hopeful for a new, better ranch opportunity. Also very glad your cowboy got good news from his doctor! I will remember you in my prayers.

  4. I have lamented all of the jobs I have left and would have severe anxiety about “what is next?”, but then I would find a job that was even better than the previous, doing something that I had always dreamed of. I know you will find a job where you will be appreciated and get the support you need from the folks who hire you. I am presently job hunting as well. I love the job I have now, but have no support for the work I am doing and NO insurance. Yesterday I got a call from the Dept of Ag in my state. They want me to come in for an interview. Kneemail works!!! Keep me posted on your job hunt. More photos please!!! Drop by when you have a chance: http://www.tailgait.blogspot.com

  5. Will be nice to get a ranch job that is year round, then you can see cows all the time 🙂

  6. Been thinking about this all day, first glad to read your cowboy is hale and hearty. As tot the job change, Part of me wants to be angry, but if this organization would rather please a careless abusive type of person than respect the good work you have done then you are well rid of them.Seems complacency is the biggest downfall, of some folk, they don’t realize what they have till they have squandered it , and cannot retrieve even a piece of the good honest kind of work you have done.From the other side , we had hired men years ago, most were great honest and hardworking and we did our best to be fair in paying them , but there was always a shiny outfit that promised more and better.Never seemed to work out to be all it sounded like and a good number of them returned to us . Prayers for brighter days ahead

  7. Best of luck. I hope you land that job in cowboy country.

  8. Kneemail already sent your way from AZ. More of the same in coming days. God Bless you & your Cowboy.

  9. Praying that you find the right outfit and have a nice home for you and the dogs horses and cats.Please let us know and keep blogginh.

  10. Glad your cowboy is doing well, and kneemail on the way for a good new job situation.

  11. Good luck and prayers that the right place comes along for you guys! BIG mistake on the former employers…..huge!

  12. I’ve always said one door closing opens another door- and it looks like it might be a step up for you. The job you two were doing, even though you did it well, was too much to expect of one cowboy and his wife, and I really thing they will have to hire at least 3 to replace you. Their loss. Hope with your next job you don’t have to handle bulls. Will keep you in my prayers.

  13. I am so sorry that you have to move on but I am sure that God will send you to a new and better place. I think your bosses will realize there mistake as soon as you are gone. There loss will be someone else’s gain.

  14. I love the attitude that you have been able to maintain about this. You could easily be mad and hateful I guess, but why? Why waste all that extra energy being angry when it is easier just to move on. Definetly going to say some prayers for you and your cowboy (I love that…kneemail) to bring the right next chapter, right along to you. I have no doubt that it will.

    I had not seen a post from you in quite some time and was just wondering yesterday why. I guess now we know.

    Please keep us all posted on what happens next. Good Luck!

  15. Good luck and God bless to you both. ♥

  16. When one door closes another one opens. Best of luck to you and your cowboy, keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Merry Christmas.

  17. I am going to miss you two for sure! You will need to tell us where you end up so we can come visit. These farmers out here sure don’t know what they will miss once its gone.

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