I can’t seem to sleep at night. In the day yes, just not at night. So what does an old cowgirl think about when she can’t sleep? Grass of course, native grass of course.

I have this map of the remaining pockets of it south of Edmonton Alberta. Not sure exactly how accurate but it gives a person some idea


There really isn’t that much. Now I hear the EID that owns the land we are currently on will be piping in water to turn part of it into farmland under pivot. That makes my heart hurt.

This grass is so precious, irreplaceable really, developed over millennia to be the best thriving plant community possible.

So many wild animals depend on it and cows and old cowgirls.

4 responses to “Grass

  1. There was a great documentary on a few weeks ago about the cause of the giant dust storms and errosion in the midwest and it was all started by people tearing up the prairies. Those grasses have evolved over millions of years to hold the soil in place. Those grasses are drought resistant, wind resistant and feed many many species. Once the digging starts, the wind will whip off many inches of topsoil every year.. Chemicals to make things grow are just a bandaid, they actually kill all the good microbes, worms and real fertility. Its an ecological nightmare.

  2. Makes me sad too, if more people would just eat beef it would make our planet much happier with less farmland and more grass around.

    • All those herbicides and pesticides are scary not to mention genetically modified seeds developed by Monsanto. I’m pretty sure I read that they are the same company that developed the horrible Nerve gas, Agent Orange. There seem to be a lot of people have developed an allergy to wheat gluten too. Still I’m not one to eat just meat. Just wish people were more into organic like we grow our cows. Grass and water.

  3. I know what you mean. They have only just realized the worth of prairie grass in the U.S. too.
    I’ve tried to research native grasses in Louisiana for our little pasture. Hopefully we’ll be able to make it work.
    Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year to you all. ♥

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