I spent some time actually flat ironing my hair so it would look good then had to crush it with my winter hat and earmuffs to help with feeding the horses a new round bale today (they have to have full bellies for Christmas) which totaly trashed all my hard word. But horses are more important than hair.

Pic was hungry looking and while everyone else was running for the bale being unrolled, he and Trouper followed me into the corral where they got their own personal round bale (Pic, cause he is old and Trouper because he is smart).

Pic is looking old, has been for some time. I owe it to him and to my old dog Blue not to head off half way around the world without them, so I better rethink Australia as a right now option. Mind you I don’t want to rule it out altogether, maybe just wait for the sake of my two best friends.


One response to “Rethinking

  1. The right opportunity will come along. You are right not to leave your old friends.

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