Job Interview

Well, we went for a job interview today, a 5 hour long one.

It was an impressive operation, some really good ideas. Sure not what I’m used to though. Intensive grazing is not totally new to me just somewhat unfamiliar (80 acre paddocks? Instead of 5000 acre pastures?), very different grass. . . and trees, lots and lots and lots of trees, lots of trees, yup lots of trees.

I like trees, individually. I think, on my part, I could even call some friends but, my goodness, I’m not used to that many trees. They sure do take a huge chunk out of the sky.

There are few concerns but I think we might be foolish not to take the job (which they did offer us) only it’s a long way from family and friends and from my precious prairie and it’s endless heavens. It’s tough for me.


8 responses to “Job Interview

  1. Oh friend, friend, it has been so long since I have popped in here and I’m so sorry to hear of you might be leaving your home , that you know now. While I understand the part about loving the big beautiful open sky, I do know that a home can be made anywhere…and I know you know this. Praying for you all to come to the right decision and thinking of you so much right now.

  2. Change can be sweet, especially if some of those trees are maples!! (maple syrup, yummy..). Its been 2 weeks since this blog entry, what is going on now ?

  3. *hugs* God bless.
    You know He will be there with you if you decide this is what you should do.
    I wish you all the best however it goes. ♥

  4. Follow your instincts! I know what you mean, I am from Illinios that doesn’t have lots of trees, more corn fields than anything, then moved to New York and that is all you see is trees!

  5. Well, smaller paddocks might make the job easier! Trees aren’t so bad, once you get to know them, they are home to birds and lots of little critters.
    Hope you stay in Alberta! On second thought, have you checked out the big ranches in BC?

  6. Follow your heart. Sending best wishes for a tough decision.

  7. I wont tell you I am not happy to hear you were offered the job, but I do understand you must follow your heart. Big part of me is hoping you can learn to like trees, but wherever you land I am sure you will both be welcome and do very well

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