Monthly Archives: January 2013

Whole Lot Better

Well today I might sound a little crazy but first I’m going to repeat the love story that began my life with my cowboy.

I was attending summer school classes at University, at least that’s where I was supposed to be but some guy named Ray Hunt was putting on a clinic in town in the hockey rink that still had the dirt they had hauled in for the rodeo in May.

To make a long explanation short I couldn’t resist and went to the clinic instead of to class. A good choice.

I stopped to visit with my cousin’s cousin before I sat down and he introduced me to this very skinny young cowboy. (I guess I was skinny too but not like him. If he stuck out his tongue you could have called him zipper, 6 foot tall and all 135 lbs of him.)

Well one thing lead to another and then to our first kiss. My goodness it still makes my heart flutter to remember that kiss. First time I saw fireworks, in my mind at least. I fairly floated into my house where I lived with my parents. As I was walking through the door. I heard a voice just soft but really clear say: ” that’s the man you’re going to marry.”

It was such an odd experience I looked behind the door knowing there wasn’t enough room for any one to be standing there. My mom who was waiting up saw all this and asked if I was ok. I said yes and floated up the stairs to my bedroom where I cried all night to think I had finally found him.

So the reason I am reiterating all this is because yesterday morning I swear I heard that same voice say: “your life is about to get a whole lot better.”

So, I don’t know what’s coming but something good. Im not sure where that still clear voice comes from I sure appreciated the heads up.