Monthly Archives: March 2013


I’m thankful for wrinkles and grey hair. It is evidence of the passing of time. I still think I’m young, forever young, till I look in the mirror and realize it will soon enough be time for me to go Home.

Moving is a lot like looking in the mirror; it lets me know how old I’ve gotten. When I was younger moving lock, stock, and barrel was a piece of cake, at least compared to this move.

Yup, finally the decision has been made: we are headed north to a new sort of life. No prairie, no more big pastures. I’ll be someone else, somewhere else, kind of like I got old and died.

So, I’m thinking this will be probably be the last post on this blog. Just wanted to say thanks for sharing my cowgirl life. I’ve appreciated your care and concern and enjoyed every comment. I wish all good things for each one of you. May the Lord be with you on your ride through life. Fare well.