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So I got the low down on minerals and mineral feeders here. I’m learning new stuff all the time. When you move around you see a lot of different ways of doing things.

They feed lose salt mixed with minerals. I asked the boss why not salt/mineral blocks. I was impressed with his answer. He said they had the forage tested on the ranch to see what minerals were missing now they buy a special mix for their specific needs. Not really available as blocks and is less expensive than blocks. I’m all about cutting input costs when you can figure a way to do it. There isn’t a huge margin for profit in raising cattle.

I drove by the neighbors and saw this today.



Kind of an interesting way to cover lose salt and mineral. The white cow doesn’t seem to mind. I figure a person could make something similar and save your money though.


Mountain Goats

Not really but the cows are like mountain goats in a way; they sure aren’t afraid of walking up hill (there is a lot of uphill here and downhill, of course).

We treated a couple of nice big calves with pink eye, put cows back in the right field, rode the fence line to see where they got out and found a big break in the single wire fence. Oh my, that fence would never have kept the lease cows in (or out). These people must have really good cows.

The bosses have promised us a fix on the hot water tank/bathroom mold issue. I didn’t realize hot water tanks were like a thousand dollars now. That’s crazy.

On a personal note: Im not sure why but I seem to have lost my appetite. I just can’t force myself to eat much less cook. I hate cooking at the best of times. I’m not having any trouble sleeping. I’m tired at night. I’m not much of a mountain goat, I guess.



With a Sunday off we went to see our youngest and two real cute grandsons. I got to see some prairie again and thought that all would make me feel less sad but no, I cried most of the way back. I knew I missed my daughter and grandsons but I didn’t realize how much.

What a booby in getting to be. Honestly, what am I going to do with myself? I know! Buy new shoes.

You Know It’s Windy When

The wind blows from the south west here, can you tell. Poor tortured little soul of a tree. The wind never seems bad to me but we are mostly tucked up in some hills. Winter might be different though.

Settling Down

I guess I just need to get this off my chest, where it weighs so heavily.

I do like cowboying, really. But I am ready to settle down and grow old in some kind of comfort. Someplace where people know me and like me, some place where I have some history, hopefully good history.

Moving around is hard when you are young, torture when you’re my age. I have so many faults, it’s hard to make friends. I get tired. I feel homeless.

And cowboying with all it’s glory doesn’t leave much money for old age, no pensions or savings. We all just hope that one day we will break our necks in some horse or cow wreck and end it before getting old creeps up on us. We have no money in the end to pay the piper.

I guess tonight I’m just homesick for the prairie, for the lease, for Crystal and Jazlyn, Halli, my daughter and grandsons.



Goodness sake, it’s been quite a while since I’ve seen my cowboy in a tractor. But cows got to eat in the winter too so haying is all part of ranch life, usually not with quite this pretty of a view.

I’m getting so I kind of like mountains, as long as they’re in the distance. Makes me feel like I can see even farther than on the prairie.


I’m just here to drop off some sweet tea and water for my tractor guy. A day off for me to do a few things around the trailer.

Blue came for the ride and thinks its hot even with airconditioning on.

Ok, back to skirt work.


Gus and I helped move cows at the north ranch. Talk about steep country. The views are gorgeous but the terrain is merciless.

Poor Gus overheated and had me pretty worried. I got him to water in time. It pays to be observant; when my dogs start to make mistakes around cattle is the first sign, then this kind of wild-eyed look.

I feel bad for my prairie horses and try to walk in stead of ride (uphill) sometimes for their sake.


Discovered real nasty mold in the trailer from a long time leaking hot water tank. Have to admit I’m feeling kind of sick and I think maybe it’s the cause. It’s going to take a lot to fix. Not sure how that’s all going to play out.


Well, I didn’t think I would miss having a phone or Internet but I am surprised at how much I use those things. No landline yet, no Internet, and the cell phones plain don’t work in the porcupine hills where we live. So when we go into town is the only time to post.

So here is the new digs. It’s an old trailer with problems. Embarrassingly I admit I’m “sponge bathing” as my mother used to call it. Hopefully that changes soon. It’s going to take some real work to replace the leaking hot water tank, ruined floor and yucky tub/ shower. Oh well, there”s always trade offs.
This is the view looking back down the road we travel to get home. The viewed are real pretty.



Gus likes it, and the other dogs and the cats we brought with us, so I can make do, even if my phone doesn’t work.

Pretty, But . . .

It really is pretty here.


But I need to get moved in at the south ranch. Still waiting for the other fellow to move out. Having a hard time being patient today. All the barn cats we brought and our 5 dogs too.

Bull Testicles

This really isn’t about bulls at all. It’s about sick cowboys, well only one I guess.

My cowboy comes back from riding last night talking kind of funny sounding, I don’t know, like he swallowed a real frog and it was stuck in in there good. Said his throat was sore so I wanted to look and see if it was red and told him to open his mouth. I wasn’t prepared to see what looked like bull testicles hanging there. His uvula (I learned what it was called from the Dairy Queen commercial) was so swollen that I panicked and drove him over the hills to a small hospital with a very nice South African lady Dr.

I wished I had taken a picture of her face when she looked down there. “My God!” she gasped. That’s really swollen.

I said: “I know, looks like bull testicles hanging there.”

She looked again and I heard a little choked giggle. I started laughing and then so did she (I suppose it was a little unprofessional). But it just struck us both funny.

Try as I might I couldn’t get a good picture; I’m still laughing too hard. They actually look better today. Shrinking testicles, in this case, that’s a good thing.