A New Adventure

So after a really bad choice and months of misery (someday I might tell you all about that but for now it is best put behind us where out of sight out of mind is a good thing) we are back to cowboying. This time in Alberta’s Porcupine Hills. It’s a privilege few enjoy. It’s a pretty picture, a little tougher when you are in it (I found out today, Wilbur and Trouper too).

The north ranch has a lot more trees than the south half where we will be.


And I saw my first bear today. I used to be afraid of bulls and got over that so I guess I can get over being afraid of bears too.

It’s always a good day following around my favorite cowboy. Gus thought so too.

It will be a whole new adventure for us. Not quite the prairie but at least it’s close. Just on the other side of the hills.
And it’s good to be back here to share this old cowgirl’s life.


17 responses to “A New Adventure

  1. Trees!!! you must let us know how your horses react when “stuff” like leaves start falling from the sky… 😉

    So glad to read you again, lady!!!

  2. So glad to hear from you, and glad to hear that things are going well for you again.
    Take care and God bless. ♥

  3. Welcome back, I hope things work out better for you at this place. I don’t understand why people hire you to do a job and then don’t let you do what you know is best.

  4. Glad you’re settled into a better spot, and writing for us again. Enjoy your posts. Happy riding!

  5. You are in one of the most beautiful parts of Alberta now, and I bet you come to love it. I travel up that way now and then, so I’ll have to stop for a visit- are you accessible off highway 22? And bears will leave you alone if they hear you coming and if you aren’t a threat to them. They aren’t as mean as bulls!

  6. I opened my email this morning…and my day was made! So glad to see you back, so glad you and your cowboy are back to doing what you love. It is a shame you had to endure months of misery, but it is over now and perhaps will make your return to ranching so much sweeter.

    I have to ask- do you still have Pic?

  7. We have a saying here in Vermont: Good bears bring good weather.
    Glad you have a smile on your face and a twinkle back in your eye.
    I am also interested to hear about the train wreck job you left. Give us a list of the facts so we can all learn from it.

    • To start, bale grazing to close to your place of residence causes hoards of flies till you feel like some child in a third world country with flies crawling all over his little face. You just learn it doesn’t do any good to swat them away. We had to spray the building everyday, some times twice.

      Then when you rent land on the reserve don’t rotate your cows on or close to their ceremonial grounds when they have fixed it up for a Sun Dance. Things might get shot.

      Beware of the educated who lack experience.

      Some people don’t know that there is more to taking care of cows than just feeding them. Gain isn’t an advantage if it dies.

      Calving over 600 cows in 80 acres doesn’t make for good mothers.

      If you hire a manager you should at least let him manage to get cows out a gate before jumping in to do it a ‘better’ way.

      Don’t make you help hunt you down for their pay cheque. Or affect his credit rating because you are late paying him.

      And the list goes on.

  8. LaVerne Bevers

    glad you are back!

  9. It is great to have you back! I so wish that I was lucky enough to be able to do what you are doing and you are right, you are lucky. Maybe someday, even if it is for a vacation, I will be able to experience a small part of what you are able to do!

  10. Glad you’re back to the cowboy way AND back blogging 🙂

  11. So glad you are back in your element and happy. While I wish we had had a better chance to visit and it had worked out better for you here,I understand. Here is where I am from, and my roots are dug in plenty deep.I think it is a perfect haven,which it is …for me.In light of your love of the prairie and the train wreck you were faced with,as sad as I am you will not be close I am very happy for you to be out of it

  12. It’s so good to hear from you again! Glad to hear you are back to doing what you love. I don’t think I’d ever get over my fear of bears.

  13. Cindy Quigley

    Yay, you’re back! Glad you are in a good place!

  14. Glad to hear from you again and look forward to hearing about your adventures.

    You can keep the bears . . .

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