Mountain Goats

Not really but the cows are like mountain goats in a way; they sure aren’t afraid of walking up hill (there is a lot of uphill here and downhill, of course).

We treated a couple of nice big calves with pink eye, put cows back in the right field, rode the fence line to see where they got out and found a big break in the single wire fence. Oh my, that fence would never have kept the lease cows in (or out). These people must have really good cows.

The bosses have promised us a fix on the hot water tank/bathroom mold issue. I didn’t realize hot water tanks were like a thousand dollars now. That’s crazy.

On a personal note: Im not sure why but I seem to have lost my appetite. I just can’t force myself to eat much less cook. I hate cooking at the best of times. I’m not having any trouble sleeping. I’m tired at night. I’m not much of a mountain goat, I guess.



4 responses to “Mountain Goats

  1. *hugs* I find that the older I get, the harder it is for me to adjust.
    Sorry to hear about the water heater. That does seem a bit insane for the cost. I know things were more expensive in Alaska, but I didn’t Canada is a mainland, sort of.

    Hope you can find some balance in your life. God bless. ♥

  2. We just had a new water heater put in by a Plummer and it was less then 500.00. I hope you get these things taken care of soon, having a home will make you feel better, being unsettled can cause lots of things in your bosh.

  3. That sure is expensive for a hot water tank. I don’t think we ever paid that much for one. Might be all that uphill stuff making you not have an appetite ; ) Hope you get it back soon.

  4. Sure hope you find your comfort level and get an appetite. Mountains are a favorite of mine, I love to be in them and ride in them.Tjose hills look pretty inviting

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