So I got the low down on minerals and mineral feeders here. I’m learning new stuff all the time. When you move around you see a lot of different ways of doing things.

They feed lose salt mixed with minerals. I asked the boss why not salt/mineral blocks. I was impressed with his answer. He said they had the forage tested on the ranch to see what minerals were missing now they buy a special mix for their specific needs. Not really available as blocks and is less expensive than blocks. I’m all about cutting input costs when you can figure a way to do it. There isn’t a huge margin for profit in raising cattle.

I drove by the neighbors and saw this today.



Kind of an interesting way to cover lose salt and mineral. The white cow doesn’t seem to mind. I figure a person could make something similar and save your money though.


2 responses to “Minerals

  1. My biggest beef with WordPress is that I miss everyone’s posts in the blogs I follow- like yours! They have a really crappy reader compared to Blogger- I might have to go back to Blogger. Hope you get your bathroom fixed in a hurry- we have the same problem here and our Landlord doesn’t want to put any money into fixing this old trailer so we have been looking for another place to live for a few months now- tough when you have horses, dogs and cats.
    You live in one of the prettiest parts of Alberta now, I know you aren’t used to the hills and the wind but it sure is pretty.
    And I love the new boots!

  2. Sounds like good practice , I know every area is different with soils and forage. Like the cover on the mineral too, saves on it all washing away in the rain

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