The Timmies Apocalypse

Went into town to go to the walk-in clinic and on the way up to the door we hear the fire truck siren. Got inside the building and no lights, no power. They took my name and wrote it on a bit of paper because the computers were down, of course. A few minutes later a nice lady comes over to ask me how serious it was because there was a pole fire and it was going to take the power company a few hours to fix it. So we detoured all the way to Lethbridge, one of our old stomping grounds. Got back around 6:00pm and the town had just barely got their power back on.

Everyone there had gone all day with no bank, no gas station and no Tim Horton’s. I bet lots of people thought they would’t survive this appocolypse. No Timmies, wow!


One response to “The Timmies Apocalypse

  1. Hope you are well. ♥
    My youngest would have had a fit for sure.
    Have a blessed weekend!

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