Spidey Senses

I remember a story about a a woman who found a dangerous snake injured and having pity on it took it in to her house and helped it get better. It eventually bit her and she was shocked that after all her tender care he would kill her and asked “why?” All the snake said was: “You knew I was a snake when you took me in. ”

Sometimes good people do that with other people who are kind of like that snake. Take them into their hearts and then are shocked when their true character surfaces to cause them pain. I try to think the best of folks but sometimes my ‘spidey senses’ say watch out and I usually steer clear. But dang, I have to say, I’ve been bit. I should have listened.

Since we left the lease we’ve been kicked around quite a bit. It’s been tough but I so was not expecting this person to try to take advantage of us when we are down and out.

I’m afraid I don’t take abuse well. Like I’ve said before, I’m kind of like Tom Seleck’s character in the Crossfire Trail movie. When asked how come he didn’t become the priest he was training to become he just said: “I couldn’t get the hang of turning the other cheek.”

Something I’m going to have to work harder on. Either that or listen to my spidey sense better.

2 responses to “Spidey Senses

  1. It is amazing how many toxic people still slither across the earth.
    I have been bit several times and am much more cautious now when dealing with new people that I do not know. I do hope you have a good support system of friends. So what happened ? Your photos do look a lot like the “uphill” of Vermont.

    • It’s a story not worth repeating. I’ll just leave it behind and never look back. But I’m sure going to be more cautious about what I step into in the future. I still would love to see your beautiful Vermont. Maybe I can imagine it better now that we have lived here.

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