I guess I don’t really realize how high up we are actually living right now. My first clue should have been my ears popping. That happens a lot compared to living on the prairie.

But it’s really the clouds. I keep being reminded of a few words from a song I liked years a go.

“Jean, Jean, you’re young and alive,
Come out of you’re half dream, dream
The clouds are so low
You can touch them and so,
Come into the meadow, bonnie Jean.”

I watch them hanging low cutting the peaks off the distant mountains. This morning I woke up to one hanging low here. Of course the inside of clouds look quite a bit like fog and I would think that’s what it was on the prairie.

I see the grass trembling with a breeze, not usual for fog and the ground is wet with overnight rain. So clouds it is.

If you look really really close you can see Pic in the stillness.


One response to “Clouds

  1. Been so darn busy I haven’t been reading blogs lately, so I’m trying to catch up. I too love the Sabbath and going to Church- and hey, living near the clouds puts you a little closer to God!

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