God Bless the Sabbath

I don’t know how people survive who don’t get the sabbath off. Well it’s not exactly off for us but we get to do what is necessary and the extra waits till Monday. It sure is nice to get a little more rest at least once a week.

And I actually like to go to church. The people are nice but I feel like I’m doing something that God likes when I go. I think most folks nowadays do mostly the opposite. It must make Him sad.

Things always seem better after a sabbath. Burdens seem lighter, determination stronger, and my heart feels kinder. I’m glad He thought of it.

2 responses to “God Bless the Sabbath

  1. I love my church family and the fellowship after service makes my heart a little lighter and confirms to me that there are indeed really really good people in my village.

  2. Attending church each Sunday always lifts my spirits. I know it helps me get through the week. So glad you have that opportunity!

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