Giving up

So, my cowboy’s thinking about giving it all up. That hit me hard. He always said the only way would be in a box.

I always envisioned him really old, sitting in the kitchen, me mad over him wearing his muddy cowboy boots and his cowboy hat on saying he wouldn’t take it off cause his head was cold but me knowing it was because he still wanted to be a cowboy even though he was too old to sit a horse anymore. Instead he wants to die a fat bellied truck driver? What the heck?

So to do that, means I go live in an apartment in which most of the furniture won’t even fit. I keep Blue but find a home for Gus, barn cats, sell horses (I’m not parting with Pic!), I suppose saddles. Instead of thousands of acres to ride on, I’ll be getting my exercise walking on a sidewalk.

Not sure how to survive that haulacost. It’s a lot of giving up.


9 responses to “Giving up

  1. So sad for you… have been reading recent posts and makes my heart heavy for you. You have lost a lot…

  2. I had some how missed this post prayers for you hopefully you can find a little place in the country and keep your animals even if he goes to trucking maybe you can get a job at sale barn where you can stay horseback I know it s not the same but would possibly open doors to helping on area ranches etc I thought the new job was workin out maybe I missed something else..

  3. What happened to put his mind this way? Is he homesick ?
    diamondlazyh has some great ideas. Lots of possibilities.
    No matter what happens I know you 2 will land on your feet.

    • Maybe we are just getting old. Two bad situations in a row and a person gets to thinking it must be us. There’s a good truck driving job come up, stable, good company management, good pay, good benefits, company pension, matching rrsp’s. I can see why he’s thinking maybe . . .

  4. Praying you find something that you can both be happy with. Looks like diamondlazyh came up with some good places to check out.
    *hugs* ♥

  5. Oh no! I think that would be an awful way to live. I sure hope he’s just having a bad day. Something has to be out there for you. I can’t imagine you living in an apartment in town! Please don’t give up.

    • Oh, thanks. I’m sure hoping something brighter is in my future than living in town. I know no one can cowboy for ever but I was hoping ‘out to pasture’ actually had a pasture in there somewhere.

  6. No no no. Not a good idea. Very not a good idea! Don’t let him take his prairie flower to town to wither away!!!! Hopefully he is just disgruntled and having a moment. Check out PFRA jobs in Saskatchewan- someone must need a top hand! Don’t go down without a fight girl! Maybe this is your time to step up and help him. Heck, even a feedlot job would be better! Check out Tongue Creek feeders near High River, or Western Feedlot. Guys with his knowledge of cattle should always be able to find a job in the industry, and a little country place is much better than any old house in town! He can truck cattle to Pasco, or even work the auction market. Don’t give up!

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