Not sure how to spell that. Never thought of it much till yesterday.

I had a little ray of hope, a job interview. Impressive in ways, good looking cattle (calves tagged from a Gator) a very well thought out barn (for a feedlot), the small Grizzly bear hide hanging in the bosses office that he said he had shot in his yard, the stack of apple wood he hauled in from BC to fuel the pizza oven in his house, the team of clydes he broke himself. A diversified farming, purebred cattle, small feedlot operation, very progressive.

I was trying to see us there until we discussed horses and dogs. I was a little surprised by his comment about “horses being the crack of the ag industry”. Maybe, but not for a working cowboy, they are his bread and butter. His horses and dogs are every bit as valuable to him as any high powered John Deer tractor is to men in the ag industry. More valuable, I wonder how many John Deer tractors have every saved a guys life.

And a big fancy house was tempting considering our current moldy housing situation but what good is it if an old dog isn’t allowed in.

2 responses to “Crack?

  1. A man who can’t abide dogs and horses is no kind of man I want to know.

  2. It did sound to good to be true. :-/
    Praying you find something that gives you what you need. ♥

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