Dark Corners

Last night I sat in a dark corner crying.

I made a mistake. I didn’t pick the Hovel. If I had picked some place less nice to live maybe I could have had Gus and Pshaw there too.

I just keep thinking they spent the night wondering what they did wrong when they tried so hard to be good, really good dogs. Why would their people abandon them? Are they waiting for us to come back?

My dad had a collie dog once that died waiting for him to come back. How my dad must have cried when he had to leave that dog behind. You know, I never thought of it before but I bet that dog was waiting for him when he got to the Gate. I just bet. And I bet my dad was happy, is happy with that old dog by his side now.

We left both dogs with someone really kind and lovely. I just pray Gus can love her as much as he did me and vice versa, that work and friendship with her will help him move on so he doesn’t even miss me. I’m sure it helps that Pshaw is there too.

If you can find it in your heart I’d appreciate a little kneemail on their behalf. Maybe mine too, although I don’t feel like I deserve it.


9 responses to “Dark Corners

  1. If someone at a certain point didnt give up Dexter the samoyed (who we have had now for 10 years, he’s 12) tomaz the wonder cat, and frostig the new horse, I wouldnt have any of these wonderful animals in my life at all.

    And I would have missed out on all the love they have also decided to give me when i have been through tough times and good times..

    just a different perspective, friend 🙂 sometimes we need to hear/see/feel that. There are many out there like me, who are grateful that somewhere someone gave up their animal, hoping they would be loved and cared for .

    They are, and will be. (((HUGS!!!)))

  2. I’ve got a pain in my heart over your dilemma. Prayers are being sent. Hugs~Ames

  3. My heart breaks for you, I am so sorry that things happen and life makes you so sad.

  4. I hope things get better soon.

  5. Praying for you,please let us know whats going on.

  6. My heart is breaking for you, I know time will help but that does not help today. We are in Germany visiting our son and family, we will be going back home to Flcrida the 28th and not see them for 2 or3 years, my heart is already hurting thinking about this.

  7. Hurting so bad for you.I’ve been praying that you could keep the dogs and cats and all your horses.I really was hoping that the last ranch job was going to work out.Please stay on here want to know for you are.Are you in town?Where is Pic?

  8. You have always had it. *hugs* ♥

  9. lots of prayers for you, the dogs, everyone.

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