Hanging In There

I haven’t had the heart to look at my blog till today. It’s been a tough few months.Well, it’s been a tough whole year for me. I’ll be glad to see the tale-end of 2013.

We are living in a cramped basement apartment in a small town on my beloved prairie. It’s good to be home but I’m still struggling with the changes. Blue, my old dog is with us and Poyke my deaf dog is at our daughter’s (in the same little town) for now. It’s not really working out for him over there. Blue and I and Pojke go out everyday and walk on the prairie (Pojke runs and runs, Blue and I walk). It does us all good.

We have a really quite remarkable friend who has kindly taken the horses for us, maybe till spring, or they would be homeless. I haven’t seen Pic in months (we have only had the gas for my cowboy to get work) and I can’t help but worry about him. I haven’t heard lately how Gus and Pshaw are doing. It hurts a lot to think about them.

The last folks (Ron and Donna Davis of Nelson Creek Ranch) we worked for, illegally held up our cheque because we quit  and then shorted us a couple of days of pay besides. Horrible people, so glad to be out of that moldy mess. I do feel bad though, I’m sure they have done the same to folks before and will again. I have a few more resources than most of the poor cowboys they hire so I was a little more aware of my rights and folks in the community there were on our side and good to help us get out. We should really have taken them to court but, in the end, I just wanted it to be over. It does bother me that cause we didn’t do anything they will most likely keep treating their hired men (and cattle) like that.

So when people don’t pay you, you get behind and we have been trying hard to catch up financially, plus it affects your credit rating. I finaly got to buy groceries the last cheque. I had to spend a lot because we were eating on whatever I had squirelled away and that had pretty much run out. My grandson told me I was poor because I had no food in my frig (or anywhere else in the house). He likes to eat, cute kid, nice little boys both of them.

I am enjoying living so close to our one daughter and being a grandma, and mom to her, instead being of just a cow mom. I get to help out and she appreciates it and it’s been so good for me to have her to talk to. They have helped us out a bunch too.

So that’s the story on this old cowgirl, just hanging in there, till things turn around. Hope you all are doing well.

12 responses to “Hanging In There

  1. I wish you and your cowboy the best as you adjust and go forward. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Prayers coming your way! We are “different prairie” ag folks (Kansas) who have a small cow/calf herd and farm row crops, and feel very fortunate with our blessings. Enjoy your family and keep getting out to walk your prairie. Hope daily life improves for you soon. Deb

  3. I just got caught up on some of your posts.I have to say they made me cry.I am so sorry for your heartache.I understand having to give up things but this is so much.I truly hope there is light at the end of the tunnel soon, my thoughts are with you.

  4. You are a cowgirl. Brave in deed and spirit. You will get through this. Much love to you and your family.

  5. I keep praying that the right thing is going to come along for you and your cowboy. One that allows you to be surrounded by your four legged family, as well as your 2 legged. If I had a ranch, you’d be working for me…for as long as you wanted. Too bad hypothetical ranching doesn’t pay the bills.

  6. Please keep posting I have a feeling others were hurting for you also!

  7. So glad to see your post.I have been prayering daily for you,your cowboy,the horses,dogs and cats.I grew up in ranching and ran a few cows until lost a lease on one place and droughted out on the other-North texas,hanging onto the little pasture,sure do miss it.Im blessed to have a small house and a few acres for my hors,donkeys and dogs and cats.I pray that the Lord will bless you with this also.I have really been worrying about you.Is your husband still driving a truck?I know some truckers that do very well.Hopefully you are about caught up and can find a little country place for the horses and dogs,hope the kitties are still around also.Not sure how many horses you have ,you are blessed to have such a good friend!If you can get back to the country it will be wonderful,though I know you will always miss the ranching,but having your horses there to enjoy sure will help-who knows you might be able to day work some or at the sale barn for some extra money and to keep your boot toe in the door.Will you be able to get the other dogs back,even if they don’t have a job they sure would be happy with you.I have 2 rat terriers that are my kids and a few months back a rescue BC that has been abused she was a stray,but coming around .I have been in some similar situations so I sure understand your heartache.IF you lived down here I would gladly keep animals for you.If you ever need to visit – my email is below
    Prayers my friend.

  8. *hugs*
    I think those people probably only hire people who can’t afford to sue them. Not good people. :/
    Glad you are holding on. ♥
    Our two youngest boys lost their jobs. They didn’t admit it to us until they were doing a little better. (Youngest is still looking for work. The middle boy is going to college on his G.I.Bill. That is feeding them and keeping a roof over their heads. They opted to stay in NC rather than come to the farm with us.)
    What sort of work does your hubby do? Does he drive an 18 wheeler? Down here, there are often husband and wife teams; or drivers with pets. I’ve seen both dogs and cats. Might that be a possibility?
    God bless. ♥

  9. Glad to finally hear from you!! When employers short change employee checks (in the USA) our recourse is to phone the attorney generals office in the state the offense took place. Going to the Department of Labor also is helpful. I don’t know what you have in Canada that you could phone, but I am sure you have friends or social services that can direct you. It happened to me once many years ago. A Grain mill boss was shorting everyone’s check every week. I got that straightened out darn quick!
    Think of this time as a temporary situation. STAY POSITIVE.
    Your horses await you and you are back on the wonderful prairie again.
    Good things will happen. Really.
    I think of you often.

  10. I’m sad that things are so tough for you and your husband, and I sure hope things turn around for you next year. It’s a blessing that you are close to your daughter and grandkids though. It kind of has been a tough year, hasn’t it? For me too, what with losing my dad not to mention the foals. But God’s ways are not our ways and we always move on.

  11. So sorry to read of your struggles, I wish I could have been of help to you . Glad you are close to family and doing better. Hugs and love to you . I will and have been keeping you in my prayers

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