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Today. What a day. Or rather what a moment in today.

I think every one gets those moments when the profound is whispered to our mind and we hear it.

Moses saw a bush that burned but wasn’t consumed by the fire. It was as a lowly shepherd that he was called out of his comfort zone to go and accomplish the impossible. He, of all men, well knew the might of pharaoh. He knew that he was lucky to have escaped Egypt, to to have the life of an ordinary man with wife and family, precious years as a shepherder, working in nature and with nature.

I so understand those years. I have lived a dozen of those kind of years. I am so grateful for that gift. It is a gift of strength. I have looked to people around me to be my strength, my love for my family, husband and children but I found it on the prairie.

I have embedded in my heart, my very soul, the embrace of my Mother, Earth herself, and take comfort in the knowledge that when I leave my body behind she will take it to her bosom and make something glorious of it.

I think Tolkien was inspired to show us, in his Lord of the Rings story, what a hero”s journey (like that of Moses) might be like, how hard, how such a small and insignificant person (us) can be the hero of our our own very personal journey. We see ourselves there, we intuitively know that the heroic is expected of us and feel inadequate (like Moses) to do all that is required.

Like Frodo, we need to find strength when our own is gone. His was in the Shire, mine is in the prairie. I’m sure those wilderness years strengthened the shepherd called to free the posterity of Israel. No matter where I am physically, the important, inside, part of me will always be on the prairie, I can always find strength in my memories of there.



“When life gets to hard to stand, kneel.”

Just working on that. Ya, not doing that great. Pretty sick of having a broken foot. Sick of the mine. Sick of the cold. Sick of being broke. Image