Monthly Archives: April 2014

Blue Bow

Found this cheerful little bow at the dollar store, prairie skyblue.



Life on the prairie. I know there’s crocuses but I can’t quite walk out to find them so I’ll just be thankful for these tiny little buds of hope.



Peter has always been my favorite apostle. No matter whatever else people say about Easter it is about the Saviour and the fact that he does indeed live. I know this, like I know I live.

Ups and Downs

I keep fighting for Up. But dang . . .


Where did it all go so wrong?


I’m trying to walk better. I noticed I have been walking with my foot turned sideways since it broke. So I put on these runners and tried to keep my foot straight while I took the dogs and one grandson for a walk on the prairie. The funny thing is, my cowboy boot feels a lot better on on my sore foot.



When I stepped out of the truck onto the prairie today I was met by the delicious smell of grass growing.

Just a tiny bit here and there but it is coming.

My foot’s still not good for going too far so I just layed down and enjoyed the beautiful warm weather and watched the dogs sniffing around.

I swear I’ve aged ten years in this last year but the prairie still makes me happy.