Gratitude/prayer Rocks

I heard something interesting lately about rocks. A fellow said he puts a rock in his pocket and when his hand brushes against it reminds him to be grateful. So I picked up the pretty white rock on my very limited hobbling around on the prairie and it has become my gratitude rock that I keep in my favorite jacket.

The big rock I have started using to remind me to say my prayers morning and night, the kind that you kneel down by your bed for. I keep it under my pillow and I feel it when I first lay down so it reminds me if I’ve forgotten to talk to my Heavenly Father at night. When I’m done my night time prayer I put the rock on the floor where it will be the first thing my feet hit when I get out of the bed in the morning. And thus, it reminds me to say my morning prayers.

This is how I was taught to pray. First you say Heavenly Father so both me and He knows who I’m talking to. I believe he is my Father in Heaven and that He loves me like my dad loves me and that I can talk to Him just like I did my dad when he was alive, that He’s interested in me and wants to help me.

The most important thing you can do is next and that is to thank Him for all His help and blessings. Then you ask Him for the things you think you need but leave it up to Him because He, in His infinite wisdom and love for me knows better than I do what it is I really need.

I close with “in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen”. I love the Savior and all he did so that I can repent (and lots of times in my asking part of the prayer I ask for forgiving for weaknesses, and sometimes my little rebellions, more often than not my shear stupidity) and hopefully become more like the wonderful example He showed us when He lived on Earth. Thank heavens Heavenly Father sent Him to help me see what the right things to do are.

I always think of Amen like the period in a sentence meaning ‘ok, I’m done now’ and with maybe a little of ‘love ya’ thrown in.



2 responses to “Gratitude/prayer Rocks

  1. I keep a cross in my pocket for that reason- it reminds me of our Lord and all that He did and suffered for our sake. I have lots of little things I use throughout the day to remind me to pray. I like your reminders.

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