Long Years.

Today Blue and I just layed down on the prairie and waited for Pojke to finish his laps around and around us.

We both just closed our eyes and I like to thinking we were thinking the same thing.

I thought of all the times in the last thirteen years we have done that, layed down together on the prairie waiting for one thing or another, taking advantage of the break in the work. He’s been a good friend and partner all those long years.

I smiled and told him someday we’ll die and hopefully they will bury us out on the prairie and then we can just stay there together.

Until someone prays for help with their cattle, like I used to, and we’ll be the ones who come. We’ll know just what to do. They won’t see us, but we’ll be there, lending a hand or in his case, a paw.

3 responses to “Long Years.

  1. Aw, this post is so poignant. (((hugs)))

  2. what a wonderful image. And just how I imagine you would be ,just quiet angels waiting to help

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