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A Cowboy Stirs

I think I see him returning. At least his iPad seems pretty occupied with YouTube videos of cowboy stuff.

I’m praying hard. Sure wouldn’t mind a good word or two added on our behalf if you have the time.

My Day in Pictures












Today sitting on Pic while he was chowing down some nice green grass I remembered my first horse, Gypsy Lee. A potbellied little jug headed mare carrying a catch colt (from slipping they the fence, hence the name Gypsy, I suspect). Just before she foaled the cutest little sorrel filly I would sit on her back for hours while she mowed the grass in the field across the road from where I kept her.

Ah memories, I have a lot of them.



Today Pic looked better, at least not shivering. Some horse had bit him on the windpipe area. It was swollen but ok. I didn’t much care for the muck he was standing in but it has rained and there is bound to be mud.

He was glad to see me and tried to put the halter on himself. I found a saddle blanket and got him saddled and went for a ride. He tried so hard to be good and do exactly what I asked. I’m not sure what to do riding round and round in an arena. We are both used to just going to work.

He’s still his fidgety self but a little more settled. It was good just to be with him today.

Nice vs Crazy

We went to the 4-H Beef Show and Sale today to see a friend of our daughter’s children show and sell their calves. She has always been one of my favorites. She is just as nice as I always remembered her, and her kids are husband are like her, really nice.

And in between the show and sale we went to see another one of my favorites.

Found his bridle and went for a little bareback ride indoors out of the rain. I felt spoiled and so happy.

While we were there we met a real nice single fellow that I sure would like to introduce to a real nice single lady friend we have.

It was a nice day filled with nice people, nice things to do do.

(Glad that Friday the 13th, full moon, Mercury in retrograde thing is over; seemed like everyone was mad at everyone yesterday. It was a crazy day!)

Maybe Not the Best Place

Thought I had a good place for Pic but when I went o see him today he was wet and shivering trying to get out of the wind behind a pile of manure and all alone.

I got him in the barn and warm enough to quit shivering then noticed he was ganted up in the flank, like he wasn’t eating or drinking. Missing his little buddy Trouper maybe? I did see him drink a little just before I left and he did pee a bit too.


Happy Day!

So happy I could cry.

More comfortable sitting here than in the cushiest, biggest, most comfortable easy-chair in the world. We just fit each other, old Pic and I.

I got him moved closer to me so I can at least afford to drive to see him now. So happy.

No Such Thing


I pray there is no such thing as a last ride.

Beautiful Days

I am thankful for beautiful days like to day but . . .It’s hard to have no yard. I used to live outside surrounded by Mother Nature. Now I’m relegated to 20-40 minutes a day when I sneak out onto someone else’s prairie with the dogs.

It’s almost better to stay in the basement so I’m not reminded of what I am missing and just stare at the floor tiles. They are kindof nice.