Maybe Not the Best Place

Thought I had a good place for Pic but when I went o see him today he was wet and shivering trying to get out of the wind behind a pile of manure and all alone.

I got him in the barn and warm enough to quit shivering then noticed he was ganted up in the flank, like he wasn’t eating or drinking. Missing his little buddy Trouper maybe? I did see him drink a little just before I left and he did pee a bit too.



3 responses to “Maybe Not the Best Place

  1. Was there no way to bring his buddy with him? Nor a place indoors or with other horses?

  2. I hope Pic will be okay. And I hope the place you left him has a good explanation.

  3. Aww poor guy! They can get ganted up looking just from being cold. The prairies are nice in that there is lots of room for them to move around but they need shelter from the wet and wind, especially old horses and young horses. Hope you can get them to bring him in or let him have access to a shelter on those wet days.

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