Today sitting on Pic while he was chowing down some nice green grass I remembered my first horse, Gypsy Lee. A potbellied little jug headed mare carrying a catch colt (from slipping they the fence, hence the name Gypsy, I suspect). Just before she foaled the cutest little sorrel filly I would sit on her back for hours while she mowed the grass in the field across the road from where I kept her.

Ah memories, I have a lot of them.



3 responses to “Memories

  1. Is that your dad? I know Ive seen the picture before but Idont remember if I asked before and quite possible I have forgotten.

  2. Nice that you are getting to spend time with Pic. I remember as a kid, one of my favourite smells was the smell of a horse. I was smitten then, and I still am!

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