A Day in Heaven

So here it is. Seems like I got asked “how bad do you want it?” I can whine all I want about missing my life but do I really want it and what am I willing to give up to get it.

How important is running water, electricity, refrigeration, computers, . . . ?

I just laugh as I ask myself. The computer geek part of me screams and asks how I would ever charge my phone. The cowgirl in me says bah humbug who needs luxuries like those. The woman in me recognizes the hard work of ages not so long past, The frail human part of me says what about weather, rattlesnakes, coyotes, or maybe worse.

Beyond the spartan living conditions there is the toll all those hours in a saddle take on an old body, the reality of the real danger of doing what we do for cattle, the fear that needs to be swallowed, the distance from my own species.

There are still some remote places on the Alberta prairie. All those things considered, to me it felt like I”d spent the day in Heaven. We’ll have to wait and see if they offer us the job. And if my cowboy will take it.



11 responses to “A Day in Heaven

  1. Solar power and a back up generator. Here in the Big Horn’s of Wyoming there are many people now living that way and enjoying it. It’s hard to get use to at first, but you can still have a laptop. They have “battery rooms” in which the solar power charges the batteries and they use their laptops each day as well as charge their cell phones. You can do this!

  2. keeping you in my thoughts and prayers as always

  3. Keep praying, and remember- there’s always solar power and generators!

  4. Today I will pray for one old cowgirl and her cowboy. I will pray for the right answer to come along, for it to be a good thing, and for the ability for you both to feel confident in your decision. Most of all I will pray for the big picture for you, not the temporary band aid. I’ve been watching your pain from down here in the desert, both physical and emotional, and watched as you slowly have pulled yourself back up at a time when most would have given up. I have watched helplessly only being able to imagine how it feels to be ripped from the prairie you love so dear, and plopped in town with out your horse, your dogs, or your wide open spaces, and has left me with a new appreciation for the life that I live, which although is not the life you dream of, it is getting closer to the life I have dreamed of, and through you I am learning to enjoy it while I can.

    As far the no electricity…..well that is what they make generators for!

  5. Good luck. Looks like this is what you have been missing, Winters may be pretty hard there as they are down here is eastern Montana. We can all do what we need to do to get by.

  6. Wisdom to follow the signs and strength to follow your heart. Prayers for an answer for you and your cowboy soon.

  7. I pray that all will work out for you. I know you miss living out on the prairie!

  8. Praying this will work out or there will be something even betterHope you can get your other dogs

  9. Good luck and God bless. ♥

  10. cowgirl–just lay it at the Lord’s feet and meditate on His words: “…not my will, but Yours.” Has your foot injury healed? Sometimes the cost of a thing is just not worth it in the long run. Pray. I admire your courage.

  11. I sometimes think about how it would be to live like the Amish around here live, no electricity, no phones, computers etc. and they don’t have to worry about the bills that go with it and the worry of losing it in a storm! We have become so dependent on the new technologies and we will be in deep do, do if we if we have a major power outage etc. Because those of us that depend on it, will never be able to survive without it! Good luck and hopefully things work out for you!

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