Poor Trouper

Some really bad people got their hands on him and we couldn’t get him back for the six weeks it took to do everything we could possibly think of to come up with $2000 (which literally included bread and water).

I finally got him and Wilbur away from them only to find out he’s so sore he can hardly move. I can see they messed with his feet and have screwed up the angles.

So unfair to such a good horse. When I talk to Heavenly Father all I can ask is that people get exactly what they deserve and leave it in His hands. But it’s hard when I think a baseball bat should have more to do with it.



5 responses to “Poor Trouper

  1. Glad to see he is home! I am sure you will have him healthy in no time!

  2. Glad you got him back. Hopefully Ian can fix him up enough to make him more comfortable?

  3. I’m with you on the baseball bat! You’ll have him back to normal soon. In the meantime, I hate he’s hurting. People can be so stupid………and you can’t fix stupid with duct tape!

  4. man that is rotten!! Poor guy! Glad you got him back, will you be able to set him to rights?

  5. Glad you got them back!

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