Some Days

What do I say? Maybe just that some days I could do with out.

Not the days I work at the library, those are good days. I love books, they have ever been my friends, friends in a world that understands me, accepts me, helps me. As a child they were never too busy to answer my questions, over and over if I needed to hear them over and over.

Now we ask Google, but when I was growing up, it was books that had the answers

Pojke, our deaf dog has been having seizures, about a month apart, a month or two ago. Then he had two in a row last night. I didn’t need to go to work today which was a small blessing as none of us got much sleep.

20140816-204323.jpgHe’s sleeping peacefully now. Hopefully we all will tonight and tomorrow will be a better some day.


2 responses to “Some Days

  1. I hate to say this, but the deaf BC that I had started having seizures- epilepsy. It seems to be common in the deaf ones. It got so bad that he went into seizure one morning and 4 hours later was still in it, and so I had to make the sad call to put him down. It was heartbreaking.

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