Buckets, Present and Past

I was just wondering what I would put on a bucket list, just things I’d like to do in this life. Going to try to give that some thought here. So not in any kind old order or priority:

1. Buy a home. 

2. Learn adobe indesign

3. Learn adobe illustrator

4. Learn Photoshop

5. Get my book published

6. Finish my pig animation in Scratch

7. Have my own successful business

8. Have my own art studio

9. Have a great graphic artist resume

10. Have an awesome portfolio

11. Be able to take really good care of my old horse. 

12. Go to Texas at least once

13. Buy a new sofa

14. Learn to play the mandolin

15. Quit biting my fingernails

16. Live on the prairie

17. Have my funeral paid for so my kids don’t have to worry about it

18. Be a size medium

19. Be a ‘woman of independent means

20. Drive a cool old truck

That’s all I can think of. 

There are some things that, if ‘d had a bucket list before, would have been on it.: 

👍 Marry a good cowboy

👍 Have my own horse

👍 Learn  to rope

👍 Have a farrier friend

👍 Ride a horse almost everyday

👍 Meet Ray Hunt

👍 Know what kind of grass is what

👍 have dogs and cats for friends

👍 have good kids

👍 have a piano

👍 go to University

👍 learn to speak a foreign language

👍 live close to nature

👍learn how to organize

👍 work in a library

👍 have lots of good books in my own little library

Never thought about having a blog but that’s been fun too. 

I guess there are things I’d like to be too: happy, wise, creative, kind, attractive and maybe worth listening to but those will have to be an ongoing process.


I wonder what’s on your bucket list, my blog friends.  




One response to “Buckets, Present and Past

  1. Well, going to Texas would be on my bucket list too. I passed through a corner of it on my way home from Mexico in 1972 but that doesn’t count. I don’t have much of a bucket list- I’m pretty happy with my life. I guess I’d add having my daughter live closer so I could see her more, and actually train and show my collies in stock dog competitions. My bucket list of people to meet would include Mark Rashid and Jack Brainard.

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