Dickie Foulkes

When I was real young I played baseball in an empty lot with all the neighbourhood kids. I was the last one picked till they discovered I had a pretty good throw then I moved up the ranks from outfield to short stop to pitcher. Right across the street from that empty lot in the basement suite of an old house lived a kid my age, Teddy Foulkes. I felt sorry for him. His dad drank heavy and there was a pile of kids in the family all living in that basement. They didn’t have much.

I didn’t know till many years later that Teddy’s dad was a cowboy, Dickie Foulkes. I’ve gained a whole new appreciation for that man after our experience. Can kind of understand the drinking. I don’t ( drink ) but there are days I wish there was a way to make the pain let up some. I share with that man ‘Kind of a hard come down from a high horse’.

Here’s my favorite song dedicated to Dickie and us and all the displaced cowboys in the world who miss that simple life we all loved.

One response to “Dickie Foulkes

  1. Love it. The gal that took the pics has taken some good ones of my grandson coming off a bronc. Love her pics. I live in a part of Montana that is full of these boys and really enjoy them.

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