Jingle Bobs

My cowboy and I had a conversation today about spurs and we were both in agreement.

I have a pretty cute pair, not real silver or expensive but nice ones. Put the spots on the straps myself, the rowels are big and kind, and the jingle bobs have a real sweet ring. Like most folkes I guess I always dreamed about a fancy pair. But I found out that wearing them is a whole different deal.

I preface this by saying I know nobody likes to get hurt but for most folkes the ambulance isn’t all that long away. For the ones out in the middle of nowhere it is a lot more serious, maybe even life and death. Luckily my lesson about spurs came when I was having a phone call away kind of day and I didn’t even need to make the call.

I was dallied up when Tom started to buck and I let go of it all just before I hit the ground. He wacked me good on the back of my thigh on the way down and I layed there a while holding both hands around my leg. I managed to get up fairly quick and went to catch my horse when I noticed my right boot had come off. Odd, I thought. It wasn’t far from where I had been laying. I put it on and walked over to Tom who was standing there wondering if he was in trouble or what. I don’t much like a horse that kicks but . . .

When I went to get on I noticed the marks on my saddle. A perfect Rowell roll all the way across the seat of my saddle and down most of the fender. I shuddered when I realized that my spur had hung up and that’s why my boot had come off. I hung those pretty spurs up and never wore them again and never missed them except for the sweet little ringing sound of the jingle bobs; I did like that (my cowboy not so much).

Maybe someone can explain their value to me other than the prettyness. For my part I just say: dangerous dang things.

IMG_0017.JPG These aren’t mine but you can see they have the same kind of jingle bobs.


3 responses to “Jingle Bobs

  1. My cowboy told of single cowboys letting their spurs down into the “town notch” so they drug and rattled a bit before going dancing. Claimed the sweet tones of the jinglebobs were a sure-fire chick magnet.

  2. Scary lesson! Glad you weren’t too badly hurt, and yes those are some pretty spurs

  3. Thanks for sharing your close call. Might say that your angel was on the job.

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