Monthly Archives: November 2014

Please, Let Me Wake

Sometimes I hear me talking about things that have really happened in my life and think, ‘I bet theses folks (the ones politely listening) think I’m embellishing or flat out lying.

The stories do sound rather fantastical, even to me: roping a Charolais bull and having him tied to a fence when my cowboy shows up with a truck and trailer, having my hands on the head of a charging 2500 bull and not dying, dragonflies flying eye level with me on my horse. So many things that seem out of the realm of possibility when you look at me, just a dream.

I would give up most anything to be living in that dream again. The dream of it is still my reality. My life now is just the dream from which still I want so badly to wake.


Remembrance Day

Today during the two minutes of silence I was thinking how my grandfather, David, lost the brother he was so close to, Jonathan, in the first WW. Jonathan wrote a letter home the day before he died. I have a copy and it’s translation from Welsh into English.

Reminds me of another great friendship between two young men with the same names. Both those stories ended with Jonathan dying during war time.

Today I felt how much grandpa missed his brother and how living without him made difference in his life. Jonathan left a wife and six children as well. All the sacrifices made by so many, the lives changed, made harder by the passing of a brother, husband, dad, or son.

How ungrateful are we when we don’t remember.