Please, Let Me Wake

Sometimes I hear me talking about things that have really happened in my life and think, ‘I bet theses folks (the ones politely listening) think I’m embellishing or flat out lying.

The stories do sound rather fantastical, even to me: roping a Charolais bull and having him tied to a fence when my cowboy shows up with a truck and trailer, having my hands on the head of a charging 2500 bull and not dying, dragonflies flying eye level with me on my horse. So many things that seem out of the realm of possibility when you look at me, just a dream.

I would give up most anything to be living in that dream again. The dream of it is still my reality. My life now is just the dream from which still I want so badly to wake.



7 responses to “Please, Let Me Wake

  1. Hugs, I am sorry to read that you are so sad

  2. When my husbands work took us from Ohio my home for 30 years to Mississippi it was heartbreaking for me and our kids. We mourned for our old way of life. Over time we were able to make it our home and then we moved to Florida and found our home. The kids have grown and found wonderful Mates, gave us grandchildren. One moved to Germany and my heart hurt again but they are happy there, I have learned to be happy for them. I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving. God bless you.

  3. prayers for you to live your dream

  4. Love that photo. Change comes slow. Sometimes too slow.
    Stay patient and keep looking for the right situation. It will happen.
    How are all your horses and dogs? Fill us in.

  5. That photo is downright stunning–it speaks volumes! Thanks for sharing.

  6. As it is said, “Life is But a Dream”. I wish for you that your dreams will come true and you can return to the lifestyle that you so love. Happy Thanksgiving week to you!

  7. I’m so sad for you, I sure hope things change and you can get back to at least a part of the life you love.

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