My cowboy tapes a TV show and without fail watches every episode, me too. It is about a vet in Michigan called Dr. Pol. His is in his 70s and originally from Holland. Awesome man, so valuable to the farming area where he lives.

I wonder why my cowboy is so fascinated with the show. I wonder if it’s because he thinks he’ll learn something because it’s definitely educational. I wonder if it’s his way of still being around horses, cattle, dogs, cats, goats, all the other farm animals and pets we both love and miss.

I guess those are reasons why I watch the show with him. But what I see is a a man like my cowboy, a hero saving lives of animals and by doing that helping the people who own and care about those animals.

I watched him out on the prairie everyday doing what in my mind were such heroic things, often putting his own safety and even sometimes his life on the line to help some sick or struggling animal. I knew that even when I wasn’t there to see, when no one was there to see, he was still doing all that heroic stuff.

I guess something I have struggled to come to terms with is the waste of a one good hero, stuck behind the wheel of a bunch of steel and lifeless rubber.



3 responses to “Waste

  1. *hugs* God bless. ♥

  2. I sure hope you two find a way to at least live on a farm.

  3. SO sad for you that you are not where you want to be, hope that someday soon you are able to return

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