The Crows

We went to a funeral today. One of the best I’ve been to. It was the kind where if you didn’t know the fella before, you got to know him real well from all that was reminisced about him during the service.

I didn’t realize he was from such a big family: 5 boys 6 girls. You know how in big families each of the older kids is assigned a younger sibling to watch out special for. I was so impressed how this fellas little sister, his assigned one, spoke of her older brother. This was a man well loved.

One of his grandaughters, not very old, got up in front of that big crowd and told the funniest story about him. How she would go to her grand folks house and right away start looking for her grandma. If she couldn’t find her she would go find her grandpa and ask “where’s grandma?” He would always tell her that her grandma went for a poop and the crows took her.

Just a note, thanks for your kind words about Pojke and someone called today about a cowboying job, for the summer at least. I’ll let you all know more when we figure out the details.



2 responses to “The Crows

  1. Hope it all works out!

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