The Plan

So many things going on at once. Still trying to get it all straight but for now this is the plan.

#1 The Condo: we’ll rent for now till we’re sure what’s going on. It’s Scarey having your home tied to your job. Been there done that and don’t like it. With the condo for backup we will have a place to live no matter what (like getting hurt or being let go or quitting but I sure can’t see that happening). That alone gives me a sense of peace. I can live there if I have too. It’s a really cute little place in a nice area close to where I can board my horse.

The Grazing Association we will be working for is all rather new and they are still figuring some things out like housing for us. Best case scenario we get a free house /free utilities to live in and worst case we spend the summers in a trailer kind of like glamping (pretty nice camping).

If the job and the housing on the lease job works out more permanent we’d like to buy the condo and rent it out till we need it, letting someone else make our payments for us till then.

I feel so good about everything, so calm and peaceful. It’s a good plan for us for now.



5 responses to “The Plan

  1. So nice to know you’re in a happy place! Enjoy!

  2. We can see the relief in your posts. So happy for you and your Cowboy! Thumbs pressed that your days continue to get brighter!

  3. Oh yay! Nothing like answered prayers!

  4. Such wonderful news for you !

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