High Five

Fist time I ever got a high-five. Just about wasn’t sure how to do it.

While we were out to the new job cleaning up the tack room and doing some little odd jobs there and checking on our three really happy horses, we met a fellow from Alberta’s Environment and Sustainable Resource Development, the folks who control government owned land like this new lease.

We talked about grass (of course) and I mentioned that we worked hard to leave the grass improved at the lease we used to work on. He was so excited, I got the high five. And then he totally made our day when he said now he could sleep easy knowing we’d be managing this new lease.

People happy about a couple of old people who care about grass and cows. We’re so in the right place.



6 responses to “High Five

  1. that is wonderful, my honorary nephew Robert is working in southern Alberta in that department , wonder if it was him?

  2. That’s awesome! Happy dance for you!

  3. Have a blessed weekend. ♥

  4. I am thrilled that you are finally where you want to be and are already appreciated for your skills, knowledge and passion of the prairie.. Hug those horses for me.

  5. Big smile from Texas! So excited for both of you!!

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