First Night

So here we are trying to sleep our first night in the condo. I say trying because we are so sore from moving that we are waiting for the Advil we took to kick in. Soon.

Some good men from church helped. They were so cheerful; made me wonder if they were just glad to get rid of us. And four Mormon missionaries, nice boys, (kids to me, barely out of high school) and not one complaint, just so happy to help, God bless them.

So this will be our home away from home once we start work on the lease. They still haven’t figured out our living arrangements there yet. Waiting on the Federal government to make some decisions, so that could take awhile.

But it’s all good. Oh, think I just felt the Advil kick in. Nos Da all.

2 responses to “First Night

  1. Hoping this morning is finding you a little less sore! Very happy for you guys! 🙂

  2. It sure is good to see the real you back here. I am so happy for you and the good start with this new job. It is good when we can sit back and watch Gods plan fall in place.

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