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60 is the new 6

Pay day and we frivoled away some money at Walmart. While we were at the till it occurred to us that what we were paying for looked like we were buying for a 6 year old (that would be me) IMG_7973.JPGsidewalk chalk: been wanting some for a long time. Gonna have some fun in town with that.

IMG_7978.JPG New pjs: couldn’t resist when the dog looked so much like Blue.

IMG_7972.JPGnew shoes: like my favorites when I was a kid and on sale for $9

IMG_7977.JPGand these were just crazy cute soap dispensers that smell like . . . well, bananas, of course.

Life is better than good. It’s fun.


Oh, dear. I let him ride him one time to see what the horse was like and now I can’t get him back. Apparently he’s better than even I thought. He went from being called Clunky by my cowboy to Sir Pete. He does kind of look like a knights horse.

So I guess that’s appropriate a knight’s horse for my knight in shining armor.


This is ORV (off road vehicle). He’s for fencing and hauling out salt to the cattle. Pretty fancy little deal but the fire hazard is so high where we are that we don’t use it much.

But Blue likes to ride in the back so it hauls all three of us when we have those jobs to do. Blue hates getting left on the yard.




So many flies it’s just icky to see them crawling around in a big mass like that.


We complained and they are sending out some Cylence which really helps. We can squirt it on from horseback where some folks don’t want to run their bulls in a chute to do it. After collecting semen the way they do I don’t blame the Bulls for not wanting to go back into a chute. It’s icky too.

GermAns Don’t Like Dying in Vells

Good grief when days go bad they go really bad.

Somebody called while we were just waking up. I couldn’t reach the phone in time and of course they didn’t leave a message. People like that really annoy me.

I voted for checking cows but no my cowboy wanted to finishing fixing fence so we could move a herd we planned to move today. No fencing pliers. Looked and looked and after deciding we might as well check cows we found them right where he had put them and his hammer in the back of the truck.

Then we discover that the only well for one of the herds quit and faced with a bunch of thirsty complaining cows we had no option but to move them all to a field with a dugout.

Then we found an all too healthy calf with a big growth on his neck and do you think all three of us (Blue who was worse than in the way included) could catch the little rotter? No.

It looked like it would rain (which we desperately need) but no luck there either.

My only happy the thought all day was my favorite line from Malcolm in the Middle involving wells. “Germans don’t like dying in Vells.” That always makes me laugh for some reason.



Just a few. The stable spray we use kills ’em quick. I’ve seen a few mosquitoes but thinking with the abundance of birds and the shortage of water they might not be as bad. We’ll see how it goes.

Trouper he loves having his belly scratched cause these little flies like to congregate there. I read where they eat/bite constantly all day and more than forty on an animal is cause for concern.



Herds are so small here, 7 herds from 45 pairs to 178 pairs. This one is only 45 pairs. What a piece of cake to move after 600 pairs, hardly seems like work. Just right for old people, old dogs, and old horses.



Yup, not bothered much by trees. I think I’ve count about 6 on 42,000 acres. My cowboy was buttering me up when he said there was only a pretty girl behind one of them.





Best $500 we ever spent.

Biscuits and Gravy

Just in case my American friends didn’t know, Canadians, in general, don’t eat, nor do Canadian restaurants sell biscuits and gravy. How sad is that?

So every time I go to the U.S. and eat at a restaurant that’s what I order: Biscuits with sausage gravy (in which I don’t even mind pepper and my kids will tell you how much I don’t like pepper) with sausage, eggs, and hash browns. For a couple of old coyotes who have been living on canned stew and cold beans it was super delicious today.

We took a couple hours off work and went to Havre in Montana (first time ever). Odd place, long drawn out town in a little valley about 45 miles south of our border.

It was all a big adventure. We went to the western store (that was a huge disappointment), had biscuits and gravy, bought milk, and these really cute socks at k-mart. It’s amazing how much happiness little things can bring a person.